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Worked Solutions to the 2022 HSC Mathematics Standard 1 Exam

I have completed handwritten solutions to the 2022 HSC Mathematics Standard 1 exam. Hopefully this can help you if you’re studying and trying to understand how to get the solution to a problem!

UPDATE: Looking for the latest exam solutions? Get the 2023 solutions here: Worked Solutions to the 2023 HSC Mathematics Standard 2 Exam

Thoughts on this year’s exam (link to the solutions is at the bottom of the post):

I think the test had a good mix of questions which covered the content in Standard 1 well.

The four-mark trigonometry question near the end presented a good challenge but was doable if you have practiced on two-triangle problems. One of the harder questions was probably the credit card question, as well, but again, if you have practiced on similar questions it may not be too difficult to tackle.

How did you all go with this exam? Which questions did you find the most difficult or interesting? Drop a comment or email me and let me know!

You can now watch a video of the worked solutions on your YouTube channel! Otherwise, see the link to the PDF of the worked solutions below.

Video coming soon!

My worked solutions can be found at the following link. If any errors are found, I will correct them and keep a log below. Please comment or email me if you find a mistake!

2022 HSC Mathematics Standard 1 Worked Solutions


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