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Our Centres

Our tutoring centres are conveniently located in Berkeley Vale and Wyong, in the heart of the Central Coast of New South Wales. We have everything we need here to support our students and do a great job.

Learning Spaces

At Apex Tutoring, students work one-on-one with their tutor in their own separate learning space. We currently have eight learning spaces at our centre, each equipped with a complement of basic resources, including paper, pens and pencils, highlighters, a whiteboard, calculators, and other stationery items. Students are welcome to bring their own resources of their preference.

Apex Tutoring centre interior.

Our Resources

We like to have a wide range of resources available to our tutors so that they can customise their lessons and approach for each individual student. Below are just some of the resources we have at our centre.

We own a wide array of textbooks, workbooks, and study books which we utilise as needed to customise each lesson to the individual student. Our books provide us with an assortment of lessons and practice problems for students. As such, we don’t need to rely on students bringing in or supplying their own work or resources (although they are welcome to!). We also have printed versions of all stages of the New South Wales syllabi to use as a reference.

We have a teacher account with IXL and use it often with students as a source of interactive practice problems in Maths and English in conjunction with our other various resources. Students can be assigned their own student accounts, and the student’s diagnostic tests and progress will be tracked and saved. We also often use various other apps and digital learning tools and games to help make learning engaging, fun, and interactive.

We also have a collection of concrete materials and other resources to aide students’ learning processes. Students can use coloured pens and pencils, whiteboards, 3d models, fraction tiles, grid paper, divided thirds paper, measuring tools, dice, spinners, and even games. We integrate these materials into lessons as appropriate as another way to make learning more engaging.


We have a well-appointed waiting area at the front of our centre where students and parents can site and wait for their lesson. In our waiting area there are books to read, toys and colouring books for children, and puzzles and learning games. You can also get a coffee, hot chocolate, or tea from our Lavazza coffee machine or a bottle of water for just $2 or a snack for $1.

There is a restroom at our centre available to students and their families. Just ask for the key at the front desk.

Apex Tutoring waiting room.

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