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Worked Solutions to the 2020 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 Exam

UPDATE: Looking for the latest Extension 2 exam? Check here!

Each year, as soon as the paper is officially published, I work through the solutions to the latest HSC exam while we wait for the official solutions to be published. You can find my complete handwritten solutions to all questions on the 2020 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 Exam here:

2020 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 Exam Worked Solutions

Any corrections made to the answers will be posted here. If you find what you think may be an error, please let me know!

Very soon we will upload videos of detailed explanations for all questions on this latest test. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when they are published, or check back here!

2020 students – congrats to you for getting through this difficult year and sticking with your maths course!

My thoughts on this exam:

This was the first exam on the new syllabus for Extension 2 maths. I like the new syllabus for Advanced and up, and especially for Extension 2. I felt like this was a pretty balanced exam, maybe a bit on the easier side. There were plenty of questions to show off your mastery of various parts of the syllabus, but there were also some very difficult or tricky questions mixed in. I’m sure there were very few who could answer or mostly answer everything in the given time. If you did mange to, nice work!

I liked the proof questions as well as the complex number questions. I think the hardest questions were maybe 15(b), which was easy to get completely stuck on if you didn’t think outside the box a little and use similar triangles, and the last question (of course) 16(b). I got a little stuck on the second half of 16(b) because I second guessed the correct approach and then tried other things that didn’t work. The very last part of 16(b) (part iv) seemed a bit too easy and I didn’t seem to need to use part iii, so if anyone has a different take on this part or spots an error in reasoning, please let me know!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on various parts of this test and how you went, so feel free to drop a comment below or to contact me via email.

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