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Worked Solutions to the 2020 HSC Mathematics Advanced Exam

UPDATE: Looking for the latest Advanced Exam? Check here.

Each year, as soon as the paper is officially published, I work through the solutions to the latest HSC exam while we wait for the official solutions to be published. You can find my complete handwritten solutions to all questions on the 2020 HSC Mathematics Advanced Exam here:

If the download above is slow, try 2020 HSC Mathematics Advanced Worked Solutions


  • Q10 – A previous version listed C as the answer. This has been corrected to D. Thanks to John for pointing this one out!
  • Any further corrections made to the answers will be posted here. If you find what you think may be an error, please let me know!

Very soon we will upload videos of detailed explanations for all questions on this latest test. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when they are published, or check back here!

2020 students – congrats to you for getting through this difficult year and sticking with your maths course!

My thoughts on this exam:

After the jarring experience of working through a very difficult Standard 2 exam, I was glad to see the Advanced exam was closer to what I would expect in terms of difficulty. It felt like there was a good mix of easy, medium, and difficult questions. The test overall may have been a tad on the difficult side, with an appreciable number of questions that really tested some deeper understanding.

I liked some of the more challenging questions for the band 6 students, such as question 10 and 31, but some of the harder questions were kind of annoying to work through, such as 29 and 30 (who likes having to lug around extra pronumerals?).

Overall not a bad test, but with the year everyone’s had with less class time and some even having to teach themselves out of their textbooks, maybe students felt otherwise. I’d love to hear any comments you might have on this one! Feel free to drop a comment below or to contact me via email.

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