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School Holiday Programming Experience

I am offering a tutoring program over the school holiday period for Central Coast students to gain experience in programming (coding).

This is a one-on-one tutoring program where students will create projects designed to give them experience with the basics of programming. Programming is an increasingly valuable skill in a wide variety of fields. This program will teach kids the basics and logic involved in creating a computer program, as well as provide them with a very hand-on experience with important maths concepts. Although they will not be learning a specific programming language, the skills and logic translate across all languages, allowing them to be able to potentially teach themselves a programming language, or giving them a leg-up if they take a programming class in the future.

The program is kid-friendly and suitable for kids who can read and are familiar with numbers up to hundreds and the basic operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing). Although familiarity with concepts such as percentages, negative numbers, and degrees is a plus, this program is a great way to introduce kids to these concepts as they will interactively see the results of their choices on the screen.

Although very kid-friendly, high school students are also welcome to participate, as the logic and reinforcement of mathematical principles are the primary educational benefit, and it is appropriate for students who have no previous experience with programming.

Students may continue to use what they learned over the school term and create their own projects, as the program and their projects will be available online. Students who complete beginner level projects this school holiday period may then participate in more advanced level projects next school holidays to further their knowledge and skill.

At least one project may be completed in an hour session, but multiple projects can be completed by booking more than one session. Students who pick the skills up quickly may also choose to make a custom program of their own and, with guidance, explore the possibilities.

For more information about our school holiday programs, see School Holidays.

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