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NAPLAN – Coming Up Soon!

The NAPLAN tests are coming up quickly for years 3, 5, 7, and 9. This year the NAPLAN numeracy tests will be administered on Thursday 14 May 2015. The numeracy tests can be difficult and trying for students.

Whether or not one agrees with the use of this ubiquitous standardized test, our students still have to take it, and the testing experience and results can have a big impact on a student’s self-confidence and feeling of self-worth.

Many students spend very little class time preparing for the test. Whilst normal class studies should be enough preparation, students are often shocked or confused by unexpected questions. This is often a result of wording, presentation, and the mixture of skills required to solve the problem. I find a few months of weekly practice and preparation is typically enough to give students the skills to cope with types of problems typically encountered on the NAPLAN numeracy tests and to close any gaps in a student’s English or mathematics skills and required knowledge.

Now is a good time to book students weekly tutoring time for the NAPLAN, and as we’re several weeks into the first term, it’s also an excellent time to assess a student’s progress in their English and maths studies and get them caught up on any skills that may hold them back as the school year progresses.

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