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HSC Exam Tutoring Available

Congrats to year 12 students who are graduating this week! Now that class is over, it’s time to prepare for your HSC exams that are coming up in October. I provide tutoring to Central Coast students for the HSC maths exams, and have plenty of spots available during school holidays as well as mornings and early afternoons when Term 4 begins.

I can help you improve your marks and reduce your stress coming up to exam time. I have resources for you to utilise, and can help you get a better understanding of the concepts and learn how to approach the types of questions you’ll encounter on the HSC exam. I cover all levels of maths, including General 2, Mathematics (2 Unit), Extension 1 (3 Unit), and Extension 2 (4 Unit).

For more information about our tutoring services, see Academic Tutoring.

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