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2019 HSC Mathematics Standard 1 Exam Unofficial Solutions

UPDATE: Looking for the solutions to the latest HSC Mathematics Standard 1? Check here.

We’ve worked through the recent HSC Mathematics Standard 1 exam while we wait for the official solutions to be posted. So if you wanted to know the answer to a certain question or get an idea of how you did, check our unofficial exam solutions!

This was the very first Standard 1 exam, and there wasn’t really anything equivalent to it before the new syllabus took effect. So it was really interesting to see how the exam was composed and how easy or difficult it was. I want to say that it was really easy, but that’s coming from a maths tutor who is used to teaching Standard 2 (previously General 2). Students who took Standard 1 probably found some of the questions difficult, particularly near the end. But I can say that it was a lot easier test compared to Standard 2, and as such much more suited to students who’d take Standard 1.

Those who decided to take the Standard 1 HSC exam, good on you! I hope you found it wasn’t too bad. I’d love to hear your feedback, though!

Please keep in mind that while I’ve been careful when working through the exam questions, there could be mistakes. If you find any, let me know! Any corrections will be noted below.

Click below to download the PDF (file size approximately 5.2 MB):

2019 HSC Mathematics Standard 1 Exam Worked Solutions

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