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2019 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 Unofficial Solutions

UPDATE – Looking for the latest Extension 2 exam solutions? Check here!

While we’re waiting for NESA to publish the official solutions, I’ve sat down and worked through the latest HSC exam. So if you’re wondering how to solve that one problem or if you got that one question right, you can check the solutions now!

This exam was the very last from the old Extension 2 Syllabus. I can’t say I’m sorry to see some of the topics go, and I’m excited for the addition of vectors to the syllabus!

So I found this exam to be mostly on the easy side (for Extension 2), with some pretty classic techniques and applications of the skills learned in the course. There were only a few questions that felt particularly tricky. I was also a little weirded out by some of the choice of marks, as I found that some questions that seemed harder and required more working to be less marks than questions that were easier and required less working. Maybe I just took a longer/shorter approach to some of the questions. If you happen to have a different approach to any of the questions, especially if it’s quicker, I’d love to know! I’m especially curious about approaches to 16(c).

Also please keep in mind that while I’ve been careful and double checked my working, there could be mistakes, so if you find any, just let me know! Any corrections will be noted below.

Click below to download the PDF (file size approximately 7.8 MB):

2019 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 Exam Worked Solutions


  • Question 10: updated to show correct working and solution is A. Thank you to Ian who pointed this one out!

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