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2018 HSC Mathematics General 2 Solutions

UPDATE: Looking for the solutions to the latest HSC Mathematics Standard 2? Check here.

While it may take a few months for the official marking guidelines to come out, I have worked through the 2018 HSC Mathematics General 2 exam for you to provide you with the solutions early! These are fully worked solutions for the multiple choice and extended response questions.

Note that on some questions, more working may be included than is required. This is just to demonstrate the solutions for students who are not sure how to get the correct answer. Also please keep in mind that it’s possible that there are errors, so please just send me a message if you spot any! Any needed corrections will be made, noted, and posted on this page.

My thoughts on the exam: Overall I think that the 2018 had a good balance of questions, and while there were a few tricky questions, as to be expected, overall it was easier than the 2017 paper, and more on par with the 2015 and 2016 papers. With sufficient studying, students should be able to get a good score on this exam. Feel free to let you know your own thoughts in the comments below!

Download the PDF file here (file size is approximately 8MB):

2018 HSC Mathematics General 2 Exam Solutions


  • Question 10 originally had the incorrect answer shown as A, as my setup for the calculation had an error in it. This has been fixed, the correct answer is C.
  • Question 26e originally had the wrong IQR, I grabbed the wrong number from the table. This has been corrected to show the correct IQR as 5-3=2

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