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2018 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 Solutions

UPDATE: If you’re looking for the solutions to the latest exams, check here.

While it may take a few months for the official marking guidelines to come out, I have worked through the 2018 HSC Mathematics General 2 exam for you to provide you with the solutions early! These are fully worked solutions for the multiple choice and extended response questions.

As I am not the only one who has posted their solutions, I was able to check my answers versus others’ answers for any errors and corrections. I am fairly certain all answers are correct, however if any mistakes are noted please let me know so I can correct them! Any corrections will be posted below. Also, keep in mind that there are likely other ways to arrive at the solutions given, so your working my be different to my own.

My thoughts on the exam: I think the consensus is that this was a particularly difficult exam, and I have to agree. The “easier” questions were quite time consuming and the difficult questions were easy to get lost in. I think most students would be hard pressed to complete this exam in three hours. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Download the PDF file here (file size is approximately 10MB):

2018 HSC Mathematics Extension 2 Exam Solutions

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