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2017 HSC Mathematics 2 Unit ANSWERS

UPDATE: Looking for the latest HSC Mathematics Advanced solutions? Check here!

First off, to the students coming here just after the 2017 Mathematics 2 Unit test, congrats on finishing 12 years of mathematics studies! And to my students that I’ve personally tutored, I’m very proud of all the hard work you’ve put in!

The folks grading the HSC papers generally take a few months to publish the solutions, but I know everyone’s dying to know if they got certain questions correct or not. So I’ve worked through all of the problems from the 2017 exam for you! I tried to include as much working out as possible, in case you were wondering how to get the answers (and for future students using it to study for their exams).

I found the 2017 exam was pretty similar to past tests in difficulty, and no major surprises. There were a few questions that I found to be novel in the way they framed a question or tested conceptual knowledge, and the Simpson’s rule approximation of pi was certainly interesting! Question 16aii was probably one of the stranger questions with a lot going on, and part ii made me scratch my head for a moment before realising you should just do what it says and take the derivative. Question 16c definitely took me a few moments to find out to prove the isosceles triangle!

To see the answers to the 2017 HSC Mathematics 2 Unit exam, download the PDF below. It is a scanned document, so the download may take a minute, depending on your connection speed.

2017 HSC Mathematics 2-Unit Solutions

*I was sent a few corrections for Question 13 and the file has been updated to show the correct answers.

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