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2016 HSC Mathematics (2-Unit) ANSWERS

UPDATE: Looking for the latest HSC Mathematics Advanced solutions? Check here!

Wondering if you got that one question right? Wait no more – I’ve completed the 2016 HSC Mathematics (2-Unit) exam, just for you! I worked everything out by hand, just as you would have to do sitting the exam, but I’ve also verified the results for all questions involving calculations (calculus and trigonometry-type questions) on Wolfram-Alpha, just to be sure they are correct.

Now, I do make mistakes every once in a while, so if you catch any in the working-out or on the proof-type/conceptual questions, please let me know! Also while some working-out is included for most questions, complete working out may not be included on all questions.

My printer freaked out about some of the notation, brackets in particular for some reason, so I had to white-out some of the black splotches it caused and rewrite some of the text back in. I copied the wording and notation from the original test.

Click below to download the file. It is a scanned document, so please be patient! Hope you find it useful!

2016 HSC Exam Mathematics ANSWERS

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