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Worked Solutions to the 2023 HSC Mathematics Extension 1 Exam

I have completed my worked solutions to the 2023 HSC Mathematics Extension 1 exam, as well as the video walkthrough.

Thoughts on this year’s exam (link to the solutions is at the bottom of the post):

I think overall it was a well-balanced test, approachable for Extension 1 students, with a good difficulty progression. However, I think the multiple choice was on the difficult side and could take up a lot of students’ time.

My personal favourite question was Question 13(a), which I thought had a clever setup and an interesting result, with the tank taking exactly three times as long to empty as it does to fill. I also enjoy calculus and related rates questions. It did have a little bit of a tricky spot, where you had to discern what rate water was leaving the tank, so I hope you didn’t get stuck on that part!

My personal least favourite question was Question 10, as I just find difficult combinatorics questions stressful, and I always end up doubting my answer. I think there were at least two ways to solve it, and I did appreciate the combination of 5 times 4! making 5!.

How did you all go with this exam? Which questions did you find the most difficult or interesting? Drop a comment or email me and let me know!

You can now watch a video of the worked solutions on your YouTube channel! Otherwise, see the link to the PDF of the worked solutions below.

My worked solutions can be found at the following link. If any errors are found, I will correct them and keep a log below. Please comment or email me if you find a mistake!

2023 HSC Mathematics Extension 1 Worked Solutions


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