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Worked Solutions to the 2023 HSC Mathematics Advanced Exam

I have completed my worked solutions to the 2023 HSC Mathematics Advanced exam.

Thoughts on this year’s exam (link to the solutions is at the bottom of the post):

I thought the multiple-choice section was pretty standard for an Advanced exam, there was a little bit of a jump in difficulty instead of a smoother gradient of difficulty, but this was offset by a few very easy questions at the beginning.

Section II I think was slightly difficult for an Advanced exam. Similarly to Standard 2, there were a lot of questions which were “tricky” versions of the topics they were based on, and the difficulty jumped from about Question 21. I know I enjoyed the challenge of the questions, but I also know many Advanced students probably found them stressful and difficult.

My personal favourite question was Question 30, as I thought it was challenging and creative, bringing in a few concepts into one question including applications of derivatives, solving nonlinear equations, exponential functions, and trigonometric functions, equations, and identities.

My personal least favouring question was Question 25, as financial applications of series questions are generally annoying with lots of algebra with many potential spots to make a tiny error, throwing everything off.

How did you all go with this exam? Which questions did you find the most difficult or interesting? Drop a comment or email me and let me know!

You can now watch a video of the worked solutions on your YouTube channel! Otherwise, see the link to the PDF of the worked solutions below.

Video Coming Soon!

My worked solutions can be found at the following link. If any errors are found, I will correct them and keep a log below. Please comment or email me if you find a mistake!

2023 HSC Mathematics Advanced Worked Solutions


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