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Tutoring Available over Term 1 – 2 School Holidays

Hopefully everyone’s Term 1 has gone well. For those of you who struggled with maths during the first term of the school year, or anyone who would like to be well prepared for Term 2, tutoring will be available over the school holidays. My schedule is generally flexible over the school holidays, so most likely I will be able to find some suitable times for you to book in.

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HSC Exam Tutoring Available

Congrats to year 12 students who are graduating this week! Now that class is over, it’s time to prepare for your HSC exams that are coming up in October. I provide tutoring to Central Coast students for the HSC maths exams, and have plenty of spots available during school holidays as well as mornings and early afternoons when Term 4 begins.

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Half-Yearlies Are Upon Us!

It’s a stressful time of year for high school students – half-yearlies! Approaching half-yearlies, many of my students have booked in extra time to study and prepare for their maths tests, and I’m very proud of the effort they are putting in to get good marks. It is great to see the progress my students have made this year.

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